The time you spend to create a strategy for your blog will be worth it. If you start a blog without a strategy, you will be more likely to abandon it or restart it in the future. That is based on my experience with my own blogs and with my customers/clients.

Nowadays there are millions of blogs [] online. Only those who know what they do will actually succeed with it. Strategy, in this case, becomes critical. Just because you have a blog doesn’t mean you will be successful. It is about doing the right things and making massive progress.

Here are 4 strategies to help you get started with blogging:

1. Talk to the audience
You should not broadcast your content to the audience just like it is with the traditional web site. Your goal should be to build relationship and interaction with the readers.

For this reason, you must write conversationally and convey your personality. Show that you are talking to them instead of delivering information without expecting any feedback. Feedback is one of the strongest reasons why people stick with you.

I mean, nowadays, with so much information… chances are people will not notice if they miss one thing or two. Unless they are attached to you in one way or another, you are just another drop of water in the ocean.

2. Create a plan
What are you going to do with the audience and traffic? Without a clear plan, you will have some fun time, but if it is a business, you should know what to do with it. Many beginners start a blog for the sake of having a blog.

They don’t have a plan about what to do to monetize their traffic. Okay, writing can be fun. But I presume you want to blog for profit, not just merely to satisfy your passion about writing.

3. Keep improving
Based on the feedback you get from the audience, improve your blog. Many people redesign for this reason. Don’t make adjustments for no reason, your time should be better spent on building and growing your blog.

4. Give and then take
Don’t create a blog just to market your product. That is a surefire key to fail. You need to give away good and valuable information. Only after that it’s your turn to take.

By “take,” I mean you get the prospects or customers. You still need to build relationship and trust before you will get them to buy, but that’s another article.

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