Lately I took AEM Architect certificate that actually helped me a whole lot to research AEM (especially integration with other Adobe and non Adobe products). Over understanding the certificate can allow you to enhance your knowledge and confidence which you could use while designing alternative and functioning in an AEM jobs. More info

I began working on AEM (as it was known as CQ and in the point 5.4 was the newest variant ) as a programmer and delivered several projects from a variety of domains. During my first days I had been very much concentrated on heart construct blocks of AEM e.g. OSGi, Sling, JCR etc. . know APIs which has boosted my capacity to operate on AEM. After working on AEM for several years I thought it’s great time to choose AEM architect certificate since anyways my job role at work area is AEM Architect and now I’ve learned a good deal at my job.

In this post I wish to discuss my expertise with people who wish to become AEM architect. This test covers every component of AEM from installment to designing custom option along with AEM therefore, if you don’t have couple of years of AEM expertise then I will highly recommend to invest at least 2 to 3 years using AEM.

Once I began to consider certificate I had been very much convinced that I really do have practical hands-on knowledge however, quite soon I understood it is inadequate for architect certificate. In addition to hands on understanding we ought to know best practices, the way to secure AEM, the way to personalize AEM, what’s provided from box and to be frank you ought to be aware of about AEM. The objective of this test is to ensure that an architect can design a solution with AEM capacities which should suffice client/customers requirements. In this exam you will not be asked to write code or recall code syntax however, from practical point of view it’s anticipated that you understand all capacities of AEM.

So what to research and where to locate information to begin?

According to Adobe’s certification mandate everybody should sign a NDA and nobody is supposed to disclose that the questions asked through certificate soI will not disclose this here. What I will tell you in this guide is exactly what matters you need to research and where to locate study resources.

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