As of late I took AEM Architect confirmation that truly helped me a ton to investigate AEM (exceptionally joining with other Adobe and non Adobe items). More than acknowledgment the confirmation will assist you with boosting your certainty and information that you can utilize while planning arrangement and chipping away at an AEM ventures. More info


I began chipping away at AEM (when it was called CQ and around then 5.4 was the most recent form) as an engineer and conveyed different tasks in different spaces. During my initial days I was a lot of zeroed in on center form squares of AEM for example OSGi, Sling, JCR and so on to get APIs and that has truly supported my ability to deal with AEM. Subsequent to dealing with AEM for barely any years I thought it is acceptable chance to go for AEM planner accreditation in light of the fact that at any rate my activity function at work place is AEM Architect and I have taken in a ton at my specific employment.


In this post I need to impart my experience to the individuals who need to become AEM planner. This test covers each part of AEM directly from establishment to planning custom arrangement on head of AEM thus, in the event that you don’t have scarcely any long stretches of AEM experience, at that point I’ll strongly prescribe to spend at any rate 2 to 3 years with AEM.


At the point when I began to consider confirmation I was a lot of sure that I do have reasonable hands on information in any case, very soon I understood that it isn’t sufficient for draftsman accreditation. Alongside hands on information we should know best practices, how to make sure about AEM, how to alter AEM, what is given out of box and to be completely forthright you should have a deep understanding of AEM. The reason for this test is to ensure that a modeler can plan an answer utilizing AEM abilities that should do the trick customer/clients necessities. In this test you’ll not be approached to compose code or recall code grammar in any case, according to utilitarian perspective it is normal that you know all abilities of AEM.


So what to contemplate and where to discover data to begin?


According to Adobe’s affirmation command everybody need to sign a NDA and nobody should unveil the inquiries posed during confirmation thus, I won’t uncover that here. What I can let you know in this article is the thing that subjects you should consider and where to discover study assets.

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