y engaging and encouraging a variety of essential functions, CBD works wonders within the human body. Research has shown it has a range of benefits in treating everyday maladies as well as more complex conditions and it has been utilized for everything from anxiety to Parkinson’s Disease.

CBD is manufactured in many forms. Tinctures and oils were one of the first products to hit the market, but they are not always the most convenient option. best CBD capsules are a portable and discreet way to take CBD on the go. They are also an ideal choice if you dislike the taste or texture of drops. Listed below, we’ll be outlining ten of the top CBD capsules and softgels on the market followed by a brief overview of this wonderful and healing compound.

1. Joy Organics

CBD Gel Capsules

This is the renowned Joy Organics broad spectrum, THC-free CBD product in softgel form. Choose from either 10 mg or 25 mg of CBD per capsule so you can tailor the intake to your specific needs. Like all Joy Organics products, the capsules are all lab tested for your peace of mind. Each bottle of softgel capsules contains 30 servings per bottle, and according to Joy Organics, has an 18-month shelf life. Engineered with nanoemulsion technology for quick CBD absorption, you can’t go wrong with Joy Organics’ CBD products.

2. CBDistillery

25 MG CBD Capsules

CBDistillery offers their 30 count CBD Hemp Oil Capsules with several important promises. All CBD is manufactured without pesticides or GMOs. Additionally, CBDistillery harvests only from mature stalks and stems of their hemp plants. There are 25 MG of CBD per capsule and users are advised to start with one capsule per serving to test their tolerance. The goal at CBDistillery was to manufacture a CBD capsule that was precisely dosed and contained no THC. These pills are great for people on the go or who want to remain discreet while taking the product.

3. Bluebird Botanicals

15 MG Hemp Extract Soft Gels

Bluebird Botanicals offers a line of high-quality Hemp CBD Capsules that start at 15 MG per capsule. This CBD capsule comes in a 30 count bottle. Gluten-free and non-GMO, they have been tested by a third party laboratory to ensure all quality and safety standards are met. Bluebird’s innovative approach to production backs this CBD capsule, and their shelf filled with awards confirms their quality. Bluebird touts their CBD capsules as the ultimate, flavor-free and discreet way to take CBD.

4. Palmetto Harmony Spectrum Capsules

10 MG Spectrum Capsules

Palmetto Harmony offers a 60 count package of their spectrum capsules to facilitate a number of different benefits. These capsules include not only 10mg of CBD per capsule but also additional antioxidants and omega acids. Palmetto Harmony is proud of their proprietary extraction method which promotes a full terpene profile for maximum benefits. All Palmetto Harmony Spectrum Capsules were produced via organically grown, non-GMO farms. If you want discreet CBD capsules for pain or anxiety, this might be the ideal product for you. Palmetto Harmony advocates for one capsule per serving before moving up on your dosage, testing for tolerance along the way.

5. Floyd’s of Leadville

Full-Spectrum Select CBD Capsules

Floyd’s of Leadville brings an innovative twist on conventional CBD capsules thanks to their CBD Full Spectrum Softgel Capsules. All of the ingredients found in this product were grown and manufactured in the state of Colorado. The CBD has been extracted using the CO2 method and Floyd’s partners with organic and non-GMO farms which keeps their focus on health above all else. These capsules are powerful with up to 50 MG of CBD in each. Additionally, they are packed with Omega 3, 6 & 9 fatty acids. This is a large bottle that is ideal for people who plan on consistent use to deal with pain or anxiety.

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